Welcome! Why finishing school in 2016? Do #mannersmatter? Of course they do! Now, more than ever, young adults and teens need to be taught the practical aspects of grace and refinement. They’re succeeding in school, sports, and extracurricular activities, but something is still “missing.” Maybe they struggle with their confidence, or relationships with peers or adults, or you’ve recently noticed how they *eat* and thought, “Yikes!”

But you’ve got bigger fish to fry (ie., grades, friends) than harping on their manners. Let us finish buffing those rough edges off your son or daughter by teaching them about grooming, thinking of others, posture, social skills, sending thank you notes, appropriate internet presence. Believe me, we’ve seen many  students over the years come in kicking and screaming (or swollen eyes from crying all night because “finishing school sounds the worst”) and, by the end of the first class, laughing, having fun, and learning fundamentals that they’ll use throughout their lives to be successful, productive adults!